Dudjom Throma Practice Intensive Weekend – Labor Day

with Lama John Ross and Lama Tashi Tsering

September 2 - 4, 2017
Padmasambhava Meditation Center

Throma Ngondro, Throma Tsog These teachings and practices are open to anyone with a sincere interest in Throma practice.  Lama John will give a transmission of the practices we will be doing on Saturday morning.  Generally, people should have had the Dudjom Throma empowerment in order to attend; however, if there are people who have not had the empowerment, but are sincerely interested in the Throma practice, they can attend so long as they are present for the transmission first thing Saturday morning.  Lama Tashi will guide the group in the rituals, torma-making, and practice intricacies.  Saturday September 2, 2017 through Monday September 4, 2017 – 3 Days 9:30 am to 11: 30 am and 1:00 pm to @ 6:30 pm – 2 sessions each day We will start each day with the Throma Ngondro.  The rest of the morning session will be for teachings and questions.  Then each afternoon we will offer a Throma Tsog.  Teachings will focus on both the ngondro and the tsog practice.   We are requesting that everyone who registers makes a donation to the tsog offering.  There will be an option when you register. You are strongly encouraged to register for these events ahead of time.  We will be using a new translation of the Throma Tsog offering practice, which will be distributed in advance by pdf file to those who have already registered.  Those who register at least 3 weeks in advance will also be able to pre-order a printed copy of the text.   On Friday, September 1, 2017,  we will be making tormas and setting up the mandala.  Lama Tashi Tsering will guide everyone in the detailed ritual setup and torma making process.  Anyone who wants to help with set up on Friday, or who would like to assist with the ritual Sat, Sun and Mon, please contact us at