Thursday Evening Meditation

Open Dates

By donation

Date and Time Details: 7:00-9:00PM weekly

Location: Padmasambhava Meditation Center

Address: 1900 South Cook Street., Denver, CO 80210

Program Contact: Genevieve Lamancusa.
Phone: 720-353-4419.

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Mental problems can only be healed by the mind directly. Looking at the mind directly. Buddhism has a lot to offer in meditation techniques. The answer is in you, look inside you, apply the techniques, and then you sit, sit, sit and then your mind can see the clarity. Put efforts and energy to settle down the mind.  — H.E. Chhoje Rinpoche

Meditation existed before the Buddha appeared in the world and today meditation is being practiced for all sorts of reasons—for improved health, for relaxation, or even to help people perform better in their work.  Our Thursday sessions will explain the basic techniques needed to begin a regular meditation practice and keep it going. The session also includes a few words from H.E. Chhoje Rinpoche or one of our visiting teachers explaining how we can integrate Buddhist principles into our daily lives. Attendance is free and no registration is required. See our calendar for updates.

You’ll feel clear and free and many emotional problems will be healed, just by sitting. In fact, it is the most powerful way of healing yourself. You are working on the very core of your mind.  — H.E. Chhoje Rinpoche