Thursday Evening Meditation

Open Dates
Padmasambhava Meditation Center

Weekly evening meditation practice will be held at the Padmasambhava Meditation Center from 7-9 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend, including beginners and more advanced practitioners.  Chhoje Rinpoche will provide meditation instruction whenever his schedule permits.  Meditation sessions will be led by senior students when Rinpoche is not available.  During these sessions, we will listen to recordings of Rinpoche’s teachings, do a session of meditation practice, and have a short discussion at the end.  See our calendar for updates. Attendance is free and no registration is required. We are pleased to announce live streaming of Rinpoche’s meditation instruction. Please click here for more information. A link to a video of the most recent teaching given by Rinpoche on our center can be accessed on the Thursday Meditation Livestream page.

The 37 Practices of the Bodhisattva

with Taklung Matrul Rinpoche

July 29 - 30, 2016
Denver Center

Recognizing our true potential and letting go of everything which could hinder us on our spiritual journey, Bodhisattvas entrust ourselves to the path taught by the Buddha. Resisting disturbing emotions, we learn to respond to difficult situations in a constructive way. Fully understanding the nature of reality and the illusion-like nature of pleasure and pain, we overcome clinging attachment and aversion. In these ways, Bodhisattvas come to cherish living beings as the source of all happiness and are ultimately able to work solely for the good of all. Gyelsay Togmay Sangpo wrote The Thirty-Seven Practices of Bodhisattvas in the fourteenth century. His succinct and simple verses of advice summarize the quintessence of the Mahayana path to perfection. Taklung Matrul Rinpoche will provide oral teachings to elucidate these practices for the modern practitioner and show how we can transform our actions, feelings, and ways of thinking to become Bodhisattvas ourselves.

Graceful Exit: Preparing for a Good Death

with Andrew Holecek

November 11 - 13, 2016
Padmasambhava Meditation Center

Death Is A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity In the approach to death taken by Buddhists, and most Eastern religions, death is not the end.  It’s just the end of one lifetime in a beginningless and endless play of life and death. The karma that brought us into this life is exhausted, leaving a temporarily clean slate, and the karma that will propel us into our next life has not yet crystallized. At this time, according to Tibetan Buddhist beliefs,  we can make rapid spiritual progress and directly influence where we will take rebirth. We can even attain enlightenment. Buddhist masters proclaim that because of the karmic gap, the bardo between life and death, there are more opportunities for enlightenment in death than in life. In this weekend program, Andrew Holecek guides us through the rich teachings on death and dying from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. From practices and teachings to prepare you for dying to a thorough view of the Bardos, you’ll learn the overall view and the specific tools needed to transform your outlook on death and dying. Andrew will also cover many of the practical issues around dying, including legal concerns before, during, and after death, as well as difficult issues such as organ donation, euthanasia, suicide, and death of a pet. This weekend combines practices, teachings, and discussions that will profoundly enhance your understanding and experience of both your own death as well as the death of your loved ones. Anyone committed to transforming their relationship to death—experienced practitioners and those new to the path—as well as those who work in helping professions, will find this weekend deeply enriching. This program is being jointly hosted by the Padmasambhava Meditation Center and Shambhala Meditation Center of Denver. Registration will be fufilled from the Shambhala website and can be accessed through the link below: