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  • Theism and Non-theism with H.E. Chhoje Tulku Rinpoche

    Join us online via YOUTUBE or in the PMC shrine room on Sunday 11/20/22 at 10:00 am for Theism and Non-theism with H.E. Chhoje Tulku Rinpoche..



  • H.E. Chhoje Rinpoche Teaching Transforming Chaos on the Path

    Join us on Tuesday evening November 15, 2022 at 7 pm MST in the shrine room at PMC or via live stream on YOUTUBE


  • Long Life Prayers and Practice for H.E. Soktse Rinpoche

    A Message from H.E. Chhoje Tulku Rinpoche: “Practice and Prayers for H.E. Soktse Rinpoche”

    As many of you know, Soktse Rinpoche is now 95 years old and has recently suffered from some ill health.

    The Nechung oracle recently predicted obstacles to “the great Vidyadhara, Soktse Rinpoche’s” life and advised that to overcome these obstacles, all of Soktse Rinpoche’s devotees as a group should offer a great Ten Shug Long Life practice, an elaborate Long Life Mandala Offering and a Khandro SunDok, a long Supplication practice to the Dakinis with Lama dance to allow Soktse Rinpoche’s Nirmanakaya to remain with us.


    These practices will be offered intensively over a 3 day period at Chatral Rinpoche’s lakhang in Siliguri (West Bengal) beginning early morning on Sunday, June 12th and culminating throughout the Great Wheel day, June 14th.


    Numerous Rinpoche’s, Khenpo’s, monastics and lay devotees will gather to participate. As Soktse Rinpoche’s heart son, I will leave the US for India in early June to preside.

    As the Nechung oracle stated very clearly that in order to vanquish these obstacles, this practice must be a dedicated group effort, I am asking all who have connection with Soktse Rinpoche, everyone who has received empowerments and teachings and who benefit from our precious Lama’s extraordinary blessings to wholeheartedly participate in these practices.


    Please send a donation before 5 pm MST on Sunday, June 5, 2022 through the Padmasambhava Meditation Center (PMC) website and please dedicate your excellent practice — especially Vajrasattva, Vajra Guru and Long Life prayers for Soktse Rinpoche’s long life during this 3 day period beginning from our evening time on Saturday June 11th thru the June 14th full moon day.


    Please send as small or as large a donation as you can afford for this group offering, whether it’s one dollar or many more — what’s important is that each and every one of us with this profound connection, that we all wholeheartedly participate in this group prayer for our Soktse Rinpoche’s very long life and excellent health, so that we all join together in this powerful prayer mandala. Any donation that you send will be used to fund this long life ceremony.

  • Chhoje Tulu Rinpoche Teaching March 18, at 6:30 pm MST via Zoom

    We are delighted to announce that Rinpoche will be teaching on the full moon via zoom on Friday, March 18 at 6:30 pm MST/5:30 pm PST.

    Please join us online via Zoom as we celebrate Chotrul Duechen, a day that multiples positive and negative actions millions of times.

    These teachings are offered freely. If you are inclined, donations to PMC can be made here.

    We look forward to seeing you online!


    On this first lunar month of the water tiger year which is in Tibet called Chotrul Dawa, called the month of miracles because Buddha Shakyamuni performed miracles throughout this month, from the first day until the full moon, for the first 15 days of this first month, all meritorious acts performed are multiplied 100,000 times.   Therefore, this is a very special time to begin the new year with meritorious activities through your body, speech and mind.

    I would like to say at the beginning of this new year that we need to inspire the rest of the year by focusing first with the four Outer Ngondros which are:

    first, to reflect on how valuable and precious our human rebirth is;

    second, to reflect that even though we have obtained this precious human rebirth, it is impermanent;

    third, that the phenomenal world functions according to the nature of cause and effect; and then

    fourth, to reflect that no matter where you are born in the different realms of samsara, it is simply the nature of suffering.

    These four reflections become extremely important to remind us of the reality of the phenomena of life. Without these reflections, the purpose and meaning of spiritual life become vague.

    I would like to request that during the first 15 days of this year, you spend morning, afternoon and evening – like 5 minutes each in the morning, afternoon and evening – meditating on these four reflections.  Particularly, meditation on impermanence is essential to progress on the spiritual path.

    Our attachment from beginningless lives until now binds us to the notion of seeing things as permanent so that is the very reason why we are stuck in this phenomenal world.  It closes our minds.  There is no open-ness. There is no letting go. There is no liberation because we are attached and stuck in the notion that everything is so real.  This is called neurosis.  This is called mental affliction. It is ignorant. Primordial nature is In  reality utterly open and free. That is the state we need to recognize and realize:  the state known as wisdom mind or clear light.  Therefore, to realize our inherent primordial purity, the first step is to reflect on impermanence again and again and again. For beginners this is extremely important to cut through this deceptive mind habit.

    The final beneficial act of the historical Buddha was his Parinirvana  which showed the world that whoever is born must die.  The Buddha’s display of impermanence was his final act of benevolence. So, reminding ourselves that we are subject to impermanence , we need to reflect on what is most important and precious in this life and in our future lives.  Since all beings seek happiness and freedom, where will this freedom and happiness come from? It is quite safe to say that it can only derive from positive deeds, definitely not from negative deeds. Therefore, Buddha said: ”Do no harm. Perform virtuous beneficial deeds. Subdue your mental afflictions. That is the Buddha dharma.” Therefore, in particular, the Mahayana concept of the larger awareness : since all beings have the same aspiration to be free from suffering and that all beings wish for happiness and liberation,  we need to include all beings in our dharma practice. To lead beings to the state of liberation is the supreme mind of all mind. No ordinary person can imagine such a supreme mind which is called Bodhicitta, the most precious mind. We need to engage ourselves in that mind and practice.

     I wish you all in this new year, for you and your families, happiness, prosperity and a great year of progress in your dharma practice. I wish you all long, happy and healthy lives! Tashi deleg with all my love and blessings, Chhoje Rinpoche

  • Dudjom Rinpoche III Sangye Pema Shepa Parinirvana

    With profound sadness, we share the news that His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche III Sangye Pema Shepa has passed away into parinirvana. Many of us were privileged to receive His Holiness’ blessings and empowerments when he visited Padmasambhava Meditation Center in July, 2018.

    However Buddha’s compassionate manifestation shows beings who are caught up in the web of fixating on illusions as real, His Holiness’ passing away teaches us that the nature of all phenomena is impermanent and reminds us not to get caught up in the delusions of self and of our self-grasping neuroses. The futility of doing such only brings suffering. So, this is a powerful reminder of the nature of life and that we must all embrace our dharma practice to achieve liberation.

    We also recently witnessed the passing of another great Lama, His Holiness Dodrubchen Rinpoche.  This is also a profound reminder and message that since even enlightened beings must dissolve their vajra-like manifestations, then we as samsaric beings are unquestionably subject to impermanence. Our lives are so fragile and yet we lose ourselves in the sense that we will live forever. We should rather strive to engage in virtuous activities and dedicate our lives to the practice of dharma.

    Since for the Vajrayana tradition, the supreme vehicle, samaya is the most important, we must now purify our samaya and bodhicitta mind with Vajrasattva practice. I request you all to do Vajrasattva practice.  Bring bodhicitta mind into action in your daily life, offer Vajrasattva practice, and make dedication. Then we should all pray for His Holiness’ swift return to this world to benefit all beings.

    Chhoje Rinpoche

    February 17, 2022