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Khata is an informal term and Jael-dhar is the formal term for traditional Tibetan offering scarf. Khatas are made of cotton, silk or other materials. They look more like a long scarf and have auspicious symbols or mantras inscribed or woven into the fabric. It represents the sincerity of one’s offering, with no negative thoughts or motives in mind. They come predominantly in shades of white or ivory, due to the purity of the color, but you will also find them in yellow, gold  and blue.  It is a part of Tibetan way of life from birth to death and between. It is also used as a sign of recognition of one’s love or respect for another. The offering of Khata is probably one of the most well known customs of Tibetan culture. One could call the Khata a very reusable Tibetan bouquet. In fact, a specific Khata could travel the world over.

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