Vajrasattva with consort – 20″ x 16.5″ Canvas “NYO”

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Vajrasattva with consort In the context of one’s Vajrayana practice, Vajrasattva is the means of purifying negative actions and obscurations which create unfavorable conditions on the path. The practitioner visualizes Vajrasattva in union with his consort as a support for clearing away negative thoughts and deeds.    This unique rendering of Vajrasattva features Padmasambhava in the forms of Orgyen Menla (in the foreground to Vajrasattva’s right) and Guru Nangsi Zilnon (in the foreground to Vajrasattva’s left), as well as Amitayus (above Vajrasattva’s left shoulder) and Green Tara (above Vajrasattva’s right shoulder). This image was created from His Eminence Soktse Rinpoche’s own personal collection.