december, 2020

14dec6:33 am11:53 amTotal Solar Eclipse - Generating Merit

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During a solar eclipse, the effects of positive and negative actions are multiplied one hundred million times whether or not the eclipse is visible. H.E. Chhoje Tulku Rinpoche reminds us that it is tremendously beneficial to do practice during this time.

Since PMC is still closed due to COVID-19, you can offer your own daily practice during this time, recite mantras–Chhoje Rinpoche specifically mentions Vajrasattva and Vajra Guru mantras–and/or practice meditation to receive the benefit.

If you have the transmissions for the following practices, they are also wonderful to offer during the eclipse times: riwo sangcho, tsok, and your own practices, including the preliminary practices (ngondro) or whichever sadhana practice on which you are working. It is also beneficial to recite Samantabhadra’s Aspiration to Good Actions.

Chhoje Rinpoche also mentions the importance of abstaining from harmful, violent actions on the day of an eclipse, for example being vegetarian for the day (no eggs either), refraining from alcohol and drugs that alter the mind, smoking cigarettes, and instead, offering beneficial acts like donating to a food bank or homeless shelter. The Food Bank of the Rockies offers four meals for a $1 donation!

Remember the three sacrednesses/noble principles to structure your practice: set your intention (arouse bodhicitta) at the beginning of the session, maintain the view during the main part, and dedicate the merit at the end of your session.

Best wishes for your practice!

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(Monday) 6:33 am - 11:53 am